Mustang II One Wire Alternator Conversion?

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" be volume in the water analogy..."
" the psi..."
getting there w/U guys help (example - the schematic shows a diode asa 1 way switch!)
(Volume, pressure, flow, etc. Never heard of the bat. as a tank but it fits the annology used here.)
Easier for me to see in mind's eye than the actual ions, atoms, etc
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As long as you use the appropriate gauge wire from alternator to the battery your fine. The higher amperage will only run on that wire if it's large enough. If this wire is too small it could cause bleedover. I would power any added accessories off relays. Like your headlights. Only use the ignition/oem wiring for a signal to turn on or off the relays.
Yes, there's a 2 AWG wire there (with a mega fuse). You reminded me that I could benefit from a newer and stronger keyed ignition switch, or I could figure out how to add the relays you mentioned. That would save a lot of rewiring as the old fuse box only has 5 to 7 slots. My setup will include a CB (it's a 4WD 1st gen Bronco, not the one mentioned in my signature) and a second winch battery, beyond its original equipment configuration.