Mustang V6 Acceleration During Day Time


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Mar 15, 2014
Have been driving my stang 2013 V6 for almost 2 years now. Right from the day 1 I have noticed that outside temperature somehow made my cars acceleration/ pickup however you call it become sluggish. I feel my car is more monster at night than at day I can easily get to 80 in no time and there have been times i felt uncontrolled power thrown back at me. Am I over thinking or is it really that hottter climate affects engine speed and pickup somehow??

I was talking to a friend of mine and he said it would make more sense if it was other way around since engine gets heated quicker during day( not sure if this really is connected to the pickup part)

Is there something I can add up or install to fix this , I top up the fluids every 3 months promptly.
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Ummmm, no :poo:, Sherlock. The outside air temp and density changes as the day wears on. Typically the air is cooler and denser at night than in the heat of the day. You friend is a blue-sky idiot. You can moderate this somewhat through tuning but, it's a reality. Wanna really diminish it? Supercharge.
Cold air is dense. Thus more oxygen is getting to the engine. Hot air is thinner, thus less oxygen makes it to the engine (in the same amount of space).

So yeah, in 100 degree heat, it's going to feel a bit more sluggish than it will in 40 degree weather.