My 302 Build

It's been very cold here and time has been short so not much new progress. I did get the oil pump and pick up mounted and sat the intake on just to see how it looks. Also ordered a new set of valve covers from AM.
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The engine build is looking very solid. I wish I would have had more money to get better heads on my build. Being as I'm a broke college kid all I could swing was Flo-tek heads. The bolt holes didn't match perfectly but I suppose thats what I get for buying Chinese manufactured heads. Hope the build keeps going well. Looking forward to see updates.
I test fit the new valve covers today. Turns out they don't clear the rockers, the baffle under the fill neck hits. I'll mess with it more this weekend and see what can be done. I really liked these covers so I'm hoping I can get them to fit.

I think I'll stop and get another set of gaskets and see how the fit that way. I'm pretty sure it's just the baffle hitting the top of the locks for the rockers. The other side fit fine and sits flat on the head with out a gasket.
i had the same issue...i ended using different valve covers....really liked those style,wish i tried the double gasket thing first...looking good...
I ran into the same issue. So I went to a tall style cover. Then had to get an intake spacer, then a throttle body spacer just to get my linkage off the valve cover. Shoulda just ran a thick gasket lmao.
The new gaskets came today. They look like two regular gaskets that were laminated to a metal core. I didn't mic them but they look to be about a 1/16 thicker than two gaskets together so ill get that much more Clearance. I'll get them on the motor right after I figure out why the front of my truck is grinding and fix that.

I didnt get much more done on the new motor this weekend but i did start tearing down the motor in the car. i need the timing cover off it.

I do have a question for someone more familiar with these cars. What is this for? It's not on the stock motor and I don't remember what it came with. I'm guessing its for something I don't have or need.