My chin spoiler is on it's hard is the install?????


New Member
May 15, 2004

It's going to look sweet on my silver stang.......but will I be able to do it myself?

I would like to if i could, but at the same time I will have someone else do it if there is any chance in me messing something up.

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if you can use the internet and post on a forum like here, they you shouldn't have a problem at all getting it on. enjoy man, i love mine. great app mod for the $. it gets rid of the snout up in the air look it had stock.
stallion98gt said:
how was the packaging ? did it come bent ?

when i got mine from mustangtuning it came in a largish square box, bent.

i took it out that night and left it on the floor in the living room. when i woke up the next morning to go put it on, it was all straightened out and ready to go.