My crappy luck


Feb 28, 2004
A month ago my stang got a full paint job / body work / new windshield, etc . Five and a half weeks in the body shop (long story). On the way home tonight the car in front of me runs over something which flys through the air and smacks my car doing 70mph (I have no idea what it was but hit so hard it broke the headlight). Scratches on the hood, bumper, bent antenna, front fender. I have the worst *$#%$^* luck. :(
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Oh man, that sucks I know how you feel though. I had just washed my car because I was going to the dyno in the morning, and when I was waiting to turn into my street a car rear ended me. Everything happens to me after I was the car. I was on my way to a car show once and I hit a bail of hay in the middle of the interstate doin about 80mph. Luckily there was no damage, only hay sticking out of every crevis of the frony end.
Thats ****, 4 days after i got my car painted it got keyed, then a week later i got wet cement sprayed all over it and scratched the **** outta the paint getting it off, so I know how you feel. How bad are the scratches? With some luck, you may be able to just buff them out.
i spun out at 50-55mph on a sharp corner 3 days after i painted my car..luckily there was no other cars and i stopped right next to the side of the road(hill on the inside or a corner) facing traffic..(there wasn't any cars, it was late) i didnt hurt the stang, but it scared the ***** outta me nonetheless, all i could think about was all the work we had just done to the car, and stupid ass me screwed it up