my new rims/tires

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:doh: woops, i guess u couldnt tell i was kidding, oh well, i dont realy care. :p its all fun and games. its a freakin forum.. i dont take anything, cept answers to questions, seriuosly on these... :cheers:
flip01 said:
Saleen Replicas black chrome
Front: 18x9 w/ Bridgstone Potenza S-02 265/35/18
Rear: 18x10 w/ Bridgstone Potenza S-02 295/35/18

good choice?

i havent seen "black chrome", but im guessing its powdercoated black?

just wondering, what color/year is your car?
just to mess with jorge his post kinda come out like because he owned a B he was all that (that the problem with the net stuff comes out wrong its hard to tell if somebody is kidding)
I know own a stage 3 Roush


My Bullitt with Plasma rims they kinda look like black chrome
oh alright, now i know what black chrome looks like again..

i cant remember where i saw black powdercoated saleen replicas, dunno why i mixed them up though :confused:

btw snkchmr those look awesome :nice:
01bullittstang said:
Sounds like what you're average mustang GT driver puts on his car. I'd go with something better though. But then again I drive a Bullitt. Later

i have a Bullitt too by the way. :D

i just like the clean look of the Saleens

ill post pics definatly, when i pop em on. just waiting on my wheel locks from Steeda.

any sugestions on what else i can do to kinda make my car different than every other Mustang? i used to have an acura integra...yes it was a rice rocket. im not too familiar with Mustang mods. learning though. i like the Steeda hood, but maybe something a little taller? i dunno, im open minded. already saving up for the Cobra Killer kit. so thats already a definate.