my slow 98 needs help

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Well, You can do a PI intake for around 175-200 dollars and that will net you a good gain. Headers are a good gain but are a PITA to install. Otherwise just the basic bolt ons will work like pulleys, TB, upper plenum, and gears for sure. I know how you feel I have a 96 and my foxbody stroker moter engine is miles away faster than the 96. Hope that helps.
you can find a full kit for everything you need to do a full H/C/I PI swap from a couple places...someone will know.

but by far i believe that is the best thing you can do for a 96-98 stang...boltons are just a waste of time on these cars otherwise. I know i have them all and my 97 is still slow.
I have a 98 gt and i cant say that it has all been a waste because it is a hell of a lot faster than when i first got it. It ran 15.10 when i got it and now it goes 13.7. All of this is with bolt ons.
I have a 98 gt and i cant say that it has all been a waste because it is a hell of a lot faster than when i first got it. It ran 15.10 when i got it and now it goes 13.7. All of this is with bolt ons.

yeah mine is a lot faster than stock as well with boltons but it is still just about as fast as a stock PI stang.

ive wondered this:

technically speaking shouldnt the 98 and below 4.6s be a little faster with a full pi swap than a 99+ due to a higher compression? i am talking just boltons...dont go into F/I

and yes a PI swap should put you above the stock horsepower of a 99-04 PI car.
I konw I got to do something, I got waxed by a girl on a automatic 05 today, I would like the pI swap but I dont know how hard it is to do. I would love to just do the bolt ons, i already have some 3.55s ready to install, are under drive pullies effective on the 4.6 and what kind do i need to be able to use a timing adjuster, and i sure wish it would pull above 5000 rpm
Check out the local boards and try to find you a set of PI cams and pi intake :nice:

For example--I bought my BRAND NEW pi cams for $100 on a local forum.

The intake price depends on which method you want to try. MANY guys go the RTV method to seal the ports which requires that you just get the intake.

There are a few companies which offer a ktiw ith adaptor plates to make the process easier. Livernois sells the entire kit with everything needed for $499
i dont no about pi swap but i got all the stuff done on my ride and smoked an 05, 06, gt's and a lot of the older fox bods. now my bro has a 91 and is pretty dang baddd and can hang w/ him. he has cam and intake cai and 355s and hd clutch so before doin pi stuff witch i heard can be upwards of a couple grand. do some simple bolt ons and i dont no bout you but i got a 150 wet shot im gonna istall in a month or so i was told that i can do that w/o a tune as long as its a wet shot not a dry one so good luck
p.s. i can hag w/ an c-6 no mods up to about a hundred and deff. go with a lower gear like a 373s 410s if your a 5spd though
A pi swap isn't going to be a couple of grand even if you did get screwed on the install :shrug:

I'm skipping the heads part of the pi swap due to the price of install for heads. I have a quote of $375 to install the cams and can do the intake myself.

Rough estimate: $650-$750 with install, $275-$325 without.
PI cams: 100
Parts for Cams (bolts + gaskets): $40
PI intake: Haven't picked up as of yet though see them for sale quite often ~100
Parts: $50?
Install: $375
Fast97, how much money do you have in savings? If you go about spraying a wet 150 without a tune (or even with) you'll be in search of a new motor. I don't see the car taking many hits of that sort of dope for long.
nitrous is out of the question after grenading my 93 gts block I removed the kit and wish some one would buy it. I wish it were just a little quicker so it could hold its own, to go really fast I jump into one of my 5.0 cars, however it may not be quick it does have a great top end, and is a very smooth car to drive, its strong from 3000 to 5000 I really like it I am just used to the ease of getting power from its pushrod predecessor. I know nothing about the 4.6. so all info is appreciated.