My TF head/blown 2 valve build up..


Jan 3, 2006
*EDIT*.. I have decided to not use the TF heads.. I can't edit the title of this thread, though.**

So, I've pulled the trigger on a few big components, and I'll be starting my build. The car is a 04 GT, with 31K miles, and in excellent shape.

I have ordered (or already have):

Proline Racing Engines CNC'd PI heads
Windsor block
.020" over CP pistons (18cc dish)
Cushman Motorsports Stage 2.5 blower cams
Modmax h-beam rods
Cobra crank
ARP 2000 main, and head studs
ARP 2000 rod bolts

Promotion built T56 trans
Clutchmasters 6 puck
DSS level 5 drive shaft
Mcleod SFI bell housing
Fidanza SFI approved flywheel
31 spline, FRPP diff, and Strange 31 spline axles
Drive shaft loop

Ford Racing shorties
Steeda x-pipe and 2.5" exhaust
Cobra tank with twin Ford GT pumps
-8 stainless braided fuel feed line
Billet fuel rails
60lb injectors
MAFia with 90mm L-maf
PLX wideband
75mm accufab TB
Snow Methanol injection kit

I still need to pick up a blower, intake manifold, and get the parts to fab up my intercooler setup. I'm undecided on whether or not to go with the Edelbrock manifold and sheet metal elbow, or, the TF intake manifold. I'm probably going to go with a Novi 2000, or a YSI.

My goal is to make 600whp on pump gas/meth injection.. and around 700whp on race gas/high boost. Any input would be appreciated.. I've built several 5-600whp 2 valves, but, it never hurts to get ideas/perspective from others. :)

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Had to adjust the build a bit, as I couldn't quite swing the TF heads, with everything else.. So, I found a nice set of CNC ported PI's, from Proline Racing Engines, in Georgia. They are CNC'd, with bronze guides, 1mm over valves, springs/retainers, and complete with lash adjusters/rockers. I scooped these up, with the adjustable cam gears (no cams), complete, for 1280 bucks, shipped. :)

Also, I found a Novi 2000/bracket, and misc. parts.. Got a really good deal, at 1K, shipped.






I also scooped up a slightly used TF intake manifold.. I'll have pics of that later in the week. 450.00 shipped for that..

My Cushman Stage 2.5 blower cams arrived last week, and I went pick up my Promotion built T56 swap from a local guy. I shelled out some coin for the trans, but, I only want to do it once. ;)

Anyway.. coming along..

I've seen people say that about adjustable gears.. I've used them in 4 modular builds, and never had a problem. I use green loctite on the bolts, before tightening them down. You have to hit the bolts with a mini-torch to soften the loctite, and allow the bolt to back out, if you ever want to pull them out again.

first off, good luck on your build! second off i think you will get very close of reaching your goals with the mods listed.

i have the same goal of 600 rwhp but will be happy with 580! lol.

you can see my mods and power in my sig to give you an idea. my tuning is not done yet and i had some problems with my maf. that will be taken care of this summer. point is this, i would have made more power if the tune was perfect and i could take it to 6500rpm. the dyno stopped at 6000 because of the tune. i gained 100rwhp with the novi 2000 at 14psi from 3000 to 4000, another 100 from 4000 to 5000, and another 100 from 5000 to 6000 ending at 6000rpm. this means there was prob. another 40-50 hp on hand if pulled to 6500-6700rpm as it sits.

now you got great cams for the set up. i have a miled stage 1 lower cam which i will be replacing with mph stage 2 blower cams this summer also. this should give me another bump in power. i hear of 70rwhp gains from these cams of fi cars. i gained 30 from the ones i have so i expect another 40 atleast....putting me close to the 600 goal.

if you followed all that you can see if you run the boost im running you should also be close to your goal. :nice:
You'll be able to make 600hp with that set-up. I have 591hp on mine with crappy set of regrinds, and '01 heads (slightly ported) I got back before 2V stuff really got cooking. I have meth injection, HPS Hardball'r intake, and a Novi 2000
i will reconsider all the cams if i cant get tims. however, i will wait for the new shop to open with ther website and see if they still have them available. thanks for the info btw. i heard they will still be offering their supercharger kits on the new site so maybe they will sitll have those cams for me!
Thanks for the input, guys..

Curious if you guys have any dyno charts? I'd like to see what kind of numbers you guys are making in the midrange. Also, what transmission/rear gear are you guys running?

I'm going to run 4.10's with the Viper Spec T56.. It has the 2.66 1st gear, which will help with traction out of the hole. I have 3.90's in the car, now, but, I think I'll need 4.10's with that tall 1st gear.

Tim relocated to Illinois, IIRC.. I think MPH is still open, though. The website is going through a revamp.

I've seen/heard good things about Cushman's blower cams.. they are the old VT grinds, supposedly, and yield a honest 70-80whp. MPH has some really good grinds as well.

Here's what the car looked like when I picked it up last year..



I took the tan stripes off, and painted the hood/trunk lid with Dupont Charcoal Metallic. I plan on finishing the roof when I can get it into the paint booth, after it's running.

I'm going to run a set of Billet Specialties Steet Lite's..




I love the way these look on the 99-04 GT, and they are very affordable.