My wheel was smoking?!?!? Wheel bearing?

I just drove from home to work which is 3 hours away. Upon getting close to work I noticed my car would kind of slow down faster then normal when I was coasting to a stop at lights and such. Then, when I pulled into work and parked, my pass. front side wheel was smoking. I havent had a chance to take a look at it (im still at work) but what could this be? Brake pad sticking to the rotor or something? Wheel bearing? Any ideas?
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I think you're on the right track. It can be any number of things - a dragging brake (sticky piston or bad slide pins), a wheel bearing (I think you'd hear noise or feel rumbling though), a ball joint going (being off-camber can cause a crapload of heat), etc.

You'll just have to jack it up and diagnose the suspension (you might need to heat things up first - be real careful). I was helpin a buddy with a similar issue on his Amigo and didnt realize how bad it was - I sizzled a piece of my thumb to the rotor. Wear some good gloves and use an IR thermometer to compare both sides if you can.

Good luck.