My winter projects, 289 to 347


Nov 15, 2002
Harrisburg Pa
Ok here we go, time to spend some bucks, pulled out the 289 and went to the junk yard and found a 302 Mexican block for my 347 build, Got a 347 stroker kit from TMD with Eagle crank, forged Probe dished pistons, H beam rods, moly rings
and a main stud girdel. All went to the machine shop to bore the block, deck, and align hone, tap out head studs to 1/2" the balance the whole assembly.
Im going with the 351 windsor heads, fully ported and ss valves. I will get a roller cam with a 114 lobe center for the Paxton blower pushing 5 modest Lbs of boost and am ordering right now a Holley Commander 950 system with 900 cfm just in case I need that much fuel, Going to also need a high stall converter too but didnt make up my mind on stall speed yet.
I hope to get about 450hp or better out of it,,, Zoom Zooomm :cheers:
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