n00b question: bump stops and lowered car

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Jun 25, 2003
Norman, Ok
i always hear people say you need to change your bump stops when you lower your car. which bump stops are being referred to? i've never had a problem anything before (atleast i don't think i'm hitting them) and my car is lowered. thanks!
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The one that is above the center of the rear end. Basically you put a shorter one on so when you hit a bump in the rear, your rear end doesn't slam into the stop.
there we go :)

To get the train back on the rail from derailement. Changing the pinion snubber or trimming it is all you need to do. There are bump stops on the frame rails too like you noticed. I would leave those for now. Don't cut those off beause I haven't seen replacements for them. I cut them off Hack Job, and I welded on some bumps stops I made. I need them because my axle is from the 2001 so the wheels are really close to the quarters edge. I tested it without the springs, and the tires just tuck up in the inner parts....thankfully I rolled the fenders before I painted it. I still put some on there though, I don't want to come close to the quarter panel.