Need Fathers Day Gift Idea


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Aug 28, 2004
Louisville, KY
I need some help picking out a Fathers Day Gift. I'd like to get my dad something for his mustang. Its a 1995 V6, Lazer Red, Black interior, manual tranny. He wants new headlights, and maybe a shifter, but i dont know if i want to spend that much money on him lol. Whats something cheap i could get him for his car?

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He'd like some headlights, but $130 seems a lot to spend. I could find a used shifter, i'm thinking getting him a creeper, and some more tools or something.

Wyt - Seat Covers?? Probably "Type R" Ones
matthiasj said:
oh i'd like to, but i dont have any supplies. :(

First you were to cheap for your Dad as wystang said :
Originally Posted by wytstang
Stop being cheap the man feeds you and houses you. The least you can do is unload some dough ;). Hey, I got it detail the crap out that mofo. Use your newly discovered "how too" to make that puppy bling.

Now you are looking for excuess.

He's your dad just do anything for him or take him somewhere like a car show.
He will be happy with anything.
yea dude i totally agree you can't cheap out on your dad man......for his bday last year my 2 bros and i all split the cost for a really nice 3 ton floor jack, and we had a bbq for him along with the extended family cause his bday was also fathers dayt last year.......this year i think i wanna take him tot he old time drags at etown cause he loves those old gasser alterds, and we dont see very many on regular race days at suggestion is to go and get a meguires "super detail pack" or somethin like that cause i forget the name.....its $20 and you both should detail the hell outta the cars all day, and cook on the bbq.....there nothing better man.......good luck :nice: