Electrical need help no start with 5 volt reference


New Member
Apr 29, 2022
west virginia
i have an 86 gt and done a mass air conversion. the car has sit for several years and i tried to put the car back on the road last year but it would idle for a while and shut off and not restart until the next day then the same issue. i got to checking and i had no 5 volt reference from the computer so a friend gave me a computer and with it the car would not start but would try and that was it. i put the old computer back in and the car would run so i opened up the computer and someone had run a wire in place of the 5 volt trace and the wire came loose so i soldered it and now the car will not run with that ecm either. i am at a loss i have tried 3 mass air flow sensors unhooked the throttle sensor, mass air and egr but still have not been able to get the car to start it will try but that is all it does. i also put a new distributor in it but still no start with 5 volts. i am thinking about disconecting the 5 volt wire in the computer and see if it will start again that way. thanks
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