Need Help, what plugs for this setup:


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Apr 12, 2000
This post is for a friend who bought a Fox style mustang with Built motor, and S-trim charger.. He wants to know what are the best plugs for this setup: Please read in full. Thanks.

Built 306

Twisted wedge stage III heads

Anderson custom blower cam

1.6 rockers

70mm throttle body

42 lb injectors

A9L computer with Sct chip

S-Trim blower with 10 rib upgrade and Anderson Pipe

Msd 6 al

3:55 gears in rear

Thanks in advance!!
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I don't know what plugs your friend needs, but you might get more readers by getting rid of all the irrelevant information, such as the 7qt pan, the radiator with electric fan, the UPR tubular K member, and everything else below that.
Contact Trick Flow and ask them what plugs they would recommend for those heads. Your going to need 1-2 stages colder then sock for aluminum and boosted applications. The company that actually made the heads can give you the best answer.