need some advise plz guys


New Member
Jul 16, 2003
baltimore md
first question

i need to get a fuel pressure regulator and gauge for my stang 2000 gt to help with tuning or are the chips out there that good that manual tuning is out

i.e i am also getting the steeda t/a more manual tuning

second question

are there any upgrades i can do to the lower half of the intake
i was thinking k&n cai /maf/tb 70mm and accub plenum
but is there any thing else i can do for the intake side

ps i dont have money to start taking the motor apart so just trying to get the most out of a mostly stock more with all the bolt-ons i can find

the car will have a turbo or supercharger on it in may so i am just tring to get the car rdy for that

thxs :flag:
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