New Gears


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Dec 31, 1969
Time to put my new gears in my notch going from 3:08's to 3:73's but wondering to chang to a better clutch along with it or change the clutch pack in the ol 8.8. it only has 108,000 on the drivetrain but ever once in a while i get a one wheel wonder. But at the same time my clutch and pressure plate feels stiff like a bad plate its only got 10,000 on it but its a cheap replacment. any advice?
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Definitely rebuild the traction lok while you're in there. Do the hillbilly mod where you pack it friction/steel/friction/steel/friction/steel/friction on both sides instead of the factory f/s/s/f/s/s/f.

As for the clutch, if it aint broke, don't fix it.
Thanks guys picked up the new clutch pak today at the local dealer fairly cheap. didnt have to pay shipping or wait around for it. Cant wait to break it in and then get ready for some new tires ha ha