new injectors

This forum has been great with answers so far! Thanks!

Another question-

I am going to the track soon and I believe I have an injector going bad. Per my previous posts, I'm building a 99 GT for use at road race track events. It has a cold air kit, no cat's, flowmasters and underdrive pulley's. Other than that it's stock. I don't know if the PO had the computer flashed or not. Anyway, I want to buy a new set of injectors before I take it to the track. I don't think I will have time to take it to my local dyno shop before I leave. What injector should I use. I was looking at the Ford Motorsports injectors on the Summit web site. I intend to upgrade the throttle body soon, the PO gave me one. I'm just not sure what he gave me ;>) Since, I am out of time should I just go back with stock ones or can I go ahead and get bigger ones without running into trouble. I know the best way to do it is carry it to the tuner and replace the throttle body, injectors and have them tune it at the same time. I'm just not sure I have the time and money before we go to the track. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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Good idea, I will try the injector cleaner.

I just wanted to get it right before I carried it. We only go twice a year to the track so I figured WTF spend a little money and add injectors. I just want to make sure I don't regret putting stock ones back on.