New key?


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Feb 16, 2007
I have a 96 Mystic Cobra. I would like to get an extra key and keyless entry remote. I was told that there is some form of chip in the key that prevents it being duplicated. What do I have to do (or who to contact) for a new key and remote? Thank you.
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I have a friend here in fl with a shop who sells remotes cheap ass hell.He said he just started selling on because ebay is way to overloaded he has ford 4,3,2 button .Also has the enemy(gm ) remotes.All great prices probably cheaper then anyone on ebay also check him out he is a good guy and deffinatly reliable. here is the store page help out a fellow stang owner!!
You can either take your car & key to a Ford dealer and have them program you a new one, or there's a method for reprogramming a blank key yourself. You would still need to go to the Ford dealer to purchase the blank though.

Read this:


You do not need to go to Ford to get a blank key. They are very available on ebay and I am sure other places. Just get them cut at any reputable locksmith. I paid less then $10 for mine and you can even get the instructions for reprograming. Total cost for me to get two new keys and have them cut was under $40 including shipping. I am sure you would spend more then that for one blank at Ford. With the 96 you only need one key to program a second or third.
I thought I knew how to program, but maybe not. I have a spare, it works in the door, but in the ignition it will start and immediately die. I thought maybe it just wasnt programmed, but I can't seem to program it. Any help? Thanks.