New M/T ET Streets,,problem!


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Dec 2, 2003
New Jersey
Just got some new M/T et streets,I had to take off the quad shocks to make them fit,but I have Bassani tailpipes,and they are rubbing :notnice: I could use some suggestions.Im thinking of banging them in with a hammer .Any Ideas??
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maverick0716 said:
What size tires did you buy?
They say 28/12.5/15. But they are actually 9.9 inches wide.The Bssasni tips are 3 inches.They cant move over any more because the gas tank is rite there.The tires are very tight,but they fit,( they look totally awsome!!)the only rubbing issue is the tailpipes.
So basically they're like the equivilant to a 275/60/15 or slightly wider......thats your problem right there. 275/60/15's barely fit let alone anything wider on a fox body.

What rear gears do you have? I hope they're at least 4.10's hopefully higher. A 28" isn't neccessary if you have anything lower than that. 26" would be fine. What width wheels do you have? I myself have a couple of extra ten holes (15x7) and I'm gonna put 26x10.5-15 ET streets on. You don't want to go any bigger than that on a 7 wide wheel.
I have 410's,,running a 26' tall tire.That was the problem,it was to much gear.But the place I bought the 28/12.5/15's from let me exchange them for a smaller size.I got the 11.5/28/15. In the book they are actually 8.6 inches wide,and 27.6 inches high.That gives me a little more then an inch to play with,so they mite fit now.And the hight is just about 28,so hopefully I am good to go :nice: I also got some march under drive pullies while I was there :nice: Im getting my stock h-pipe put back on tomorrow,then Im hitting the track Friday night.I'LL let you know how it turns out!!