new member.....some pics of my cars


Apr 29, 2008
Hey guys/girls. I'm new to the boards so I figured I would post some pics and info of my cars. My name is Chris. I'm 24 and live in Nazareth, PA

The black GT is a 92. It has a rebuilt 306 with Trick Flow H/C/I, 70 mm TB and mass air, MSD ignition, dizzy and wires, 30# injectors and 255 fuel pump, subframes, 373's, 5-lug conversion, FMS springs, BBK headers, X-pipe, and 2 chamber flows. The exterior mods are a 4" cowl hood, lx tails, new headlights w/ clear corners, and I plan on getting a new trunk lid to get rid of the luggage rack and possibly a stalker front bumper. I also want to get different rims but not sure which ones yet.

The red GT is a 90. It's all stock engine wise except for headers, h-pipe, and 2 chamber flows. It has been converted to a 5-speed. It has a stormin norman hood, saleen wing, cobra rear bumper, and 5-lug conversion with 96-97 style cobra wheels. This one unfortunately is probably going to be going up for sale soon because I just don't have the space or money to have two mustangs.

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Very nice, the black one with the bars looks sick. Almost looks like it could be an SCCA autocross car. Ditch the luggage rack and throw number stickers on the sides and take out some traffic cones...

Welcome to the site. You've got some very nicely done vehicles there.