New Owner needs a lil help

Hi, I'm new here, and new to mustangs, this is my first! I bought an 85 hatchback, it has a 5spd and a V-8. But this V-8 is my question. The previous owner claimed it was a VanSenus built 95 Cobra motor. It has valve covers that say Cobra on them, but still, where would I look for a part number or VIN or something to find out exactly what this motor is? also would VanSenus have kept a record of the work they did? and could they release that to me?

Also The carb is supposedly a "750 Holley" but I think it needs a little attention, if anyone near North West Indiana (Hammond) knows anything about carbs I could use the help.

well heres a couple of pics.


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Jun 7, 2005
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The shop should/would have record of that build if they did it recently. You may have to look under the old owners name, but if you tell the shop that you are the new owner, chances are they will help you out.


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Call Van Senus Auto Parts and ask. You'll need to call the store on Kennedy in Hammond, not the Highland store. The one on Kennedy is the one with the machine shop that would have assembled the engine. (219) 844-2900.