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Dec 11, 2001
Olathe KS
I have been pulled over 4 times in a 1 month time span. This is a personal best. I'm pretty sure I have only been pulled over 4 times in the prior 7 years of driving. :rolleyes:
1. This is the stop that started it all. I was on the damn of a local lake. It is a perfectly streight and flat piece of road with gaurd rails on both sides, little to no traffic and excellent sight distance. I got on the gas and ran it through part of 2nd gear. I started slowing down to the limit and I see a sherrif with his radar gun on. Thank goodness, he gave me a written warning for 14mph over.
2. I was stopped by a campus officer several miles off campus for my turn signals. They were staying lite instead of flashing. I used them, however they were not flashing. I beleive his main reason for stopping me was to smell for alcohol or looking for drugs. No ticket.
3. I was giving turbocolumbian from TF a ride in my car. I was being good, and all the sudden I see lights in the rear view mirror. Well crap. He tells me I didn't use my turn signals on the last lane change. Might be true, but I use my turn signal more than anyone else I have ridden with. Again, I suspect he was smelling for alcohol or looking for drugs. No ticket.
4. I got on the gas a little from a stop sign. Well, that was a bad move since there was a cop hiding 1 block up with his radar gun. I don't beleive I was going faster than 42-43mph, but he says he caught me at 50. I don't think I was going that fast because all I did was go through part of 1st gear, and 1st goes to 50mph only if I am bouncing off the rev limiter. I sure as heck didn't rev it that high since it was in automatic mode (shifts at 5500, well short of the 6500 rev limiter) and I didn't even take it that high. Ticket.
grrrrr, I'm not driving any different than I have been for the last 7 years, but all the sudden I am getting a lot of attention. The car isn't even loud. The exhaust is quieter than an SRT4 leaving the intake as the loudest bit of my car.
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Damn, I have only gotten one warning in my relatively short driving career, and a TON of other tickets ranging from excessive speed (emphasis on excessive) to too dark of tint. To date, no points on the license... gotta love the courts and with hold adjudication.
hey congrats man. You persistance and hard work has paid off. lol......welcome to my world. I drive the crap of the mustangs.....N0 tickets ever. I seem to get all of my speeding tickets in the sonoma. But I have a tire changer and a calculator so I have beaten all of those tickets too. :)

EDIT:Crap I did it again.
I've had two speeding tickets in the last two years, one in May '03 and one August '04. They lost me my job, because apparently I was uninsurable with two moving violations and being under 21. I'm keeping my nose clean since the last one, although my car is bright red with semi-flashy rims and soon to have a loud turbo and BOV.....we'll see.