New Pics of the B!!

I set up my photo shoot for my senior project this past week and rented a 10-22mm Canon wide angle lens for the shoot. I had some extra time with the lens after the shoot so I snapped a few pics of the Bullitt after a quick wash. Enjoy!





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Same color as my GT. Everyone compliments me on it, but im not a personal fan of it lol. Ive been debating on whether or not to go wingless for a long time, and you might have just pushed me over the edge!

Did you paint your GT? GT's didn't come in Dark Highland Green, only the Bullitt's did. Post pics! It would be awesome to see a regular GT in DHG.
Thanks guys! DD wheels out back wit 315's are next on the mod list but I'm about to graduate college so it's a little father down on the importance list right now.

Yes, Bullitts came without a spoiler, but even if they didn't I would have taken the spoiler off. I LOVE wingless New Edges!

I just bought a PC 7424XP, I can't wait to use it this summer!