New Shoes (pics)

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Mar 30, 2005
they arent FR500's, they are better:D IMO haha
I agree and the first time i seen youre car I fell in love with them:nice:
Interesting wheels, should look good on the car... not too many people running these yet.
Another reason I like them, been looking for a set of these or Anth. FR's on diff mustang boards for a few months now. Passed on some FR's and picked these up somewhat local.

PM me about the 2000cobra wheels.. I have been lookin for a good set for a while now.. let me know!!

Like the new wheels..:nice: They are goin to look killer once they get wrapped in some rubber...
Thanks.......THe cobras are not in great shape, a lot of pitting inside lug holes/around centercaps and the inside of the rims are pretty rough.