Movn GT

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Jun 16, 2006
ok..I have a 2002 GT convertible, its a auto. I have the predator tuner,no cats,stock midpipe going bye bye soon,flowmaster 40 mufflers turnt down, and BFGoodrich T/A drag radials 275-45-17's. I wanna put a 100 shot of nitrous and 373's or 4.10's not sure which i should go with. What do you guys think i would run in the 1/4
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I have a set of 275-45-17 BFGoodrich T/A DR's but they only last 4,000 miles :( i guess im just gonna have to get a diff set of rims to put them on cause the car is a Daily driver for now
stop watching fast and furious, spray out of the hole or not at all

For guys not running a DR or slick at the track or even on the street, locking out first gear makes a lot of sense. Dynotune makes a nice window switch that allows people to lockout 1st gear. The use of the Dynotune window switch and a progressive controller can allow people to gradually apply the nitrous over time. This can allow for a much larger hit at the big end, and eliminates the cylinder pressure spikes that break parts and are inherant to spraying the full hit out of the hole.
With an auto I would spray out the hole. With the BFG DRs on the street you should really have no problem with either gear choice. At the track 4.10s might be a little tall for spraying in first.

FWIW the Nitto DRs last a lot longer however they dont get near as good a hookup as the BFGs.

I am running a mid 12 right now on Nitto DRs with similar mods as you. You may be a little slower with the added weight of the vert.