No pulse


New Member
Oct 15, 2022
I just bought my son an 04 3.8 v6 auto and having some issues. Got it home and found scanner would not talk to the Ecm, went to pic a part and got a new Ecm (from 04 3.9) after testing all powers and grounds. Installed new Ecm and now can communicate. Turn key and no fuel pump, so all the testing and find the pump bad, install new pump (yeah fuel pressure, showing 60psi through scanner). Still no start, it will start with staying fluid. Fuel issue, check for power at injectors and have 12 volts ( don't have a noid light, so I connected a 921 bulb, no light during crank (don't know if this would work or not). Checked cam position, in scanner I show 180rpm. Where do I go next?
No codes and keys programmed to the Ecm.
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