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Apr 2, 2005
When i drive my car i know i need brakes thiers no doubt. But i get a sqweek noise after i drive it for awhile even when i dont touch the brake and im not in gear do you think its just my brakes? Also i know thiers something wrong with my alignment ill be drivin it will be completly fine then wanna pull just a little bit it happens every so often. Just wanted and opinon thanks guys.. Dan
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The squeek when driving can be caused by metallic or very cheap pads, which can squeeke a lot more then a normal organic or ceramic pad. Also, if the brakes are REAL low, there is a metal tab built into the brake bad. It's a wear indicator and will cause a high pitch squeel when the pads get so far down that it makes contact with the rotor. It's saying TIME FOR A BRAKE JOB. :nice:
get the car in the air and spin each wheel - you should find the issue. it could be something underlying like a dragging caliper or bad slide pin, which can cause other issues. taking a look at it is the best bet though. drums can get a little funky when there is a bunch of dust in there and make noise.

good luck with it.

OT - Nick I gotta go find your thread and see how you made out. :nice:
I would probably have to say your brakes are no good. don't over look your wheel bearings though. Since you are going to do your brakes I suggest you replace your wheel bearings and (seals obviously), just for the sake of peace of mind.