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Jan 2, 2007
north carolina
i was wondering if tuners like predator and tweecar are like the ones you can get from jet performance that can reprogram comp. for gms and stuff and another thing which is the best thanks for your input

and when you buy a tunner do you just put your modifications into the tunner and your tunner compinsates for the extra air comming and going like when you have cai's and exhaust mods. also do you have to have your car on a dyno to tune your car or is that to get better results please give me some insite
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I would buy whatever the tuner near you uses. Most use Predator and SCT XCal. The tuners come peloaded with a ok tune but to get the most out of a tune you need a custom dyno tune. The tuners alow you to change things like: AF ratio, Timing, gears, and other things.

Talk to Tim over at MPH he has some kick a$$ tunes that he sell on the XCal!!!
so in order to get the best tune i have to take it to a shop that has software that i dont and can i get the same software that they have or will it do no good if i dont have it on a dyno machine?

also can i upgrade the tuner if i buy software upgrades to make an alright tune a better tune or is that out of the question
What happens is you buy an XCal2 or Predator, which ever you decide. They usually come with a tune on them. It’s just a basic tune. When I first got mine I did the 93 oct tune and picked up 20 rwhp.

You can change tunes whenever you want. I had the XCal base tune, then MPH Mongoose mail order tune, and I now have a Brenspeed dyno tune.

Now since you have some mods you might benefit more from a custom dyno tune but don’t expect a huge gain.

An actual dyno tune is made for you car only. The tuner will data log your car and figure out the best timing and AF ratio to give you the most hp and tq. So lets say you bought an XCal. They take your XCal and with their tuning software make you a custom tune. That tune is now in your can and can be changed or modified at any time. You can change it slightly but to do big changes a new dyno tune is required.

Hope that clears things up for you.
Personaly I would wait till you get some big mods like cams, blower, or nitrous.

There are some pretty sweet mail order tunes out there that would work fine for your car.

Call up Breenspeed or Modular Power House tell them the mods you have and they can send you one of there tunes on an XCal.

Good Luck!