O/R H-Pipe Install

Just decided today that I was going to attempt to install my O/R H-pipe cause it's been sitting on my garage floor for a few weeks. I've got the back unbolted, but I'm having a problem with the mid-section near the cats.

There's this metal tube that stretches right from inbetween the small tube connecting the two cats, and it follows up into the engine bay. I'm assuming that it's for smog equpiment?

Anyway, I tried getting it off with a wrench. There's three gold-ish pieces (or one?) that look like those things you slap on a water faucet for a hose. I gave all three sections a good tug, but they're not coming off. I'd really put my arm into it, but I'm afraid of breaking it. I can't afford to do that cause I'm in a very emmisions-strict city and I might need to put it back on if I get pulled over. So my question is, how to I get it un-attached from the pipe so I can take it off? Anyone even know what I'm talking about? lol, I don't describe things very well. Plus, once it's off, where does it go to the O/R pipe? I only see one place on it where I could think it would even go, but it doesn't even look like it's long enough to fit. Do I just let it hang?

Sorry for the noob question, but I've never done exhaust work before. Very new stuff.

While I'm at it, anyone have any other tips so I don't have to spam the board with more questions later? :D Thanks.
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Saw it off... its just an air tube that dumps into the cats. There should be an inlet on the 0/r pipe where you connect it with just a rubber sleeve and hose clamps. If not just cut it, and secure it to keep it steady. Come emissions time, a rubber hose and clamps will put them back together
How would I go about securing the pipe after it's cut?

I would probably need something that was high-temp to keep it in place down there?

I went and looked at the piece again and I do believe it was cut several times. It looks like the guy just welded it back on each time he needed it.

By the way, if I cut this, will I have any problems with my car? Is it gonna run screwed up or anything cause it's not connected to anything?
remove the air tubing all the way up to the smog pump. Then get a short belt to bypass the smog pump. Last thing you'll have to do is close off the air injection lines that feed air into the cyl. heads. I used a big piece of rubber hose (clamped on the line) and a big bolt clamped inside the hose to plug it off.

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Feb 28, 2003
I am not following. I assume you are referring to removing the air tube that connects to the smog pump and h-pipe. It is connected to the h-pipe by a small piece of silicone hose. The hose should have two clamps on each side. Are you having trouble getting the clamps off? They need to be loosened with a screwdriver. Then you will probably have to twist them to get them loose. After being on all this time, they get stuck on the hose.

If I am way off, let me know. Don't cut anything if you will need to use this for emissions. If you already did, you can use a longer piece of silicone hose to hook it back up as has already been suggested.


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Mar 10, 2004
That doesnt sound like its the stock piece. I think my stock h pipe had a metal ring that was clamped around the smog pump hose where it was connected to the h pipe. I think you just need to cut it off. You can always throw a couple clamps on there afterward...good luck
Jun 17, 2004
mesa, az
my air tube slid on a fitting comming from the stock h pipe. it had one clamp on it.

i could not get the tube off the fitting even with the clam removed, so i cut a slit down the side, did some prying with a screw driver and got it off.

when i re attatched it, i took some aluminum flashing ( sheet metal will work) warapped it around the joint there and used a hose clamp on each end.....works great....

the question is, does your new h pipe have that cross over tube to connect that tube too once you get it off??

that tube comes from the smog pump and puts air into the converters......you need it with a stock h pipe, an aftermarket one maybe not but your emissions may require it anyway....which if your new pipe doesn't have the fittings you may have to have a muffler shop fab something up........not sure, you'd have to see whats legal....IF the new h pipe doesnt have that fitting..

worst come to worst for the tube, you can find them
see, this is what doesn't make sense to me. From what I'm gathering from all of you, it sounds like what SHOULD be under there is a rubber hose that is bendable, and cutable.

What I actually have is a metal tube that isn't bendable. There are weld marks on both sides of it, where it connects to both the cats bridge and the smog pump line. Does that make any sense?

I might have to take some pictures. Think the previous owner took off the rubber tubing and replaced it with a metal piece?


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Mar 10, 2004
I dont think any rubber flex hose is stock...its thin wall metal tubing correct? and its expanded at the end to fit over the cat connection on the h pipe correct? is there a little metal ring clamp on there...i think thats how mine was and i couldnt get that metal ring clamp off so i just cut it. I removed my smog equipment at the same time but you should just be able to reconnect it and use a different clamp.