O/R x pipe install questions


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Oct 5, 2002
columbus, oh
Ok, I have a few questions for the corwd. First of all, I am planning to build the wooden ramps that are featured on the mustangworld how too. Will this be high enough to access the stock h and all of the nessecary undercarrige for a comfortable swap? Also, If anyone could give me a step by step walthrough or just some pointers on the install that would be really helpful. Also, I dont think it will give me much trouble, but I do not want to mess any of the wiring up. I got the plug-and-play mil eliminators from bbk, anything I should know hookin these up?? Thanks for any info... :nice:
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what car are you working with there? if its a 97 like mine (and probly 96-98 i guess) have fun removing the front passenger bolt where it connects to the manifold. you'll know which one im talking about when you get there.... its impossible to get a straight angle on it, and if yours is seized like mine was, all i can say is good luck. other than that, the install is a breeze. i dont know about the ramps, but i used 2 jack stands to get the front off the ground and that was plenty of room.
Its basically just 8 bolts...4 on each side (2 for the header/mid-pipe connection and 2 for the mid-pipe cat-back connection). Since you have the plug-in MIL's all you have to do is unplug the rear sensors, which you should be able to make out pretty easily. Then, plug your MIL elims in the place of the sensors and plug the sensors into the back of the elims. Hope that helps.

I just did this to my car last weekend, it is awesome. Anyway, the O2 Sensors are easy to find. Just the only cables atached to the pipe. The 8 bolts are pretty simple, just make sure you have a swivel joint or you will be messed on the passenger side, and have a lot of extensions ready. One other thing, make sure you make a good solid connections with each bolt, you DO NOT want to grind any bolts down or you might as well put it all back together and give up :) Use HEX sockets.