Oil in Coolant


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Oct 20, 2022
Phoenix, AZ
Hey Everyone,

I recently acquired a 1997 Cobra and have been using these forums frequently to troubleshoot as I learn.

Last week while doing normal city driving ... probably right around the time the car reached operating temperature or a little after, the oil pressure gauge started bouncing around. Pulled over immediately, the coolant expansion take was full of oil, had the car towed home. yesterday I drained a small amount of oil, did not see/feel/smell any coolant in the oil pan, ran compression tests on the motor, and everything looked good.

based on reading here, my next guess is maybe an o-ring or gasket on the oil cooler failed? Is there anything else I should be testing before assuming its that?

Next question, I really have no intention of pushing the car particularly hard/ tracking it. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience swapping out the Cobra oil filter adapter with one from a 2v and bypassing the cooler all together?

Last thought, The car has been in AZ it's entire life, i dont think it was driven more than a few thousand miles over the last couple of years. Are there any other small pieces of rubber that should be proactively replaced to avoid catistrophic failure ;)

I appreciate any input!
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The gauge is basically an idiot light so it doesn't really represent an actual oil pressure value. Could be it was a signal issue.

I'm not sure I would bypass the oil cooler as it does have a purpose for just everyday driving as well. If you think about it engine temps go up with long trips and during track runs so every chance to keep oil temps down is a plus.

You might check your end links in suspension and motor mounts. They tend to dryrot or get oil soaked and deteriorate over time.