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If it's only one month old there's really no need to change the oil unless you've already done 10,000 miles in it. For the future though, if it's bone stock I wouldn't worry about changing to heavier oil or anything. Just run the recommended weight and type which I believe is still semi-synthetic or full synthetic 5w20. You can run the motocraft oil or if you want you can get something else of the same or higher quality. I'd recommend Amsoil, Mobil 1, Royal Purple, Castrol (Some hate it, but I've never seen any problems), or Valvoline (Again some hate it).
I think it's all brand preference. I use Motocraft Full Sythetic 5w50 in mine right now. I was using Royal Purple 5w20, but I just feel the 5w20 doesn't cut it in the heat when it gets 100+ in the south. Seems to like it better with the 5w50. I'd use Royal Purple 5w50 but they don't make it and don't plan to from what I got from them in emails.
Just made my second oil change at 10k miles and I was very surprised how clean the oil come out after 5k miles on it. Almost made me think I should change it at 7500k. Almost. ;)
Nothing wrong with "overchanging" your oil but I would use what is recomended for your car. Read the owners manual. You car is under warranty, so I would use what the dealer approves of and maybe even have them change the oil, even if you buy the oil yourself and pay the labor to have it changed because it would be a bad, bad day if something went wrong with your engine and they decided the oil was at fault.

Guy came in the shop I worked in and wanted us to change the oil on his brand new (at the time) 2011 F150 with Castro 20W50 dino oil with a bottle of Lucas making a gear oil type solution. I swear, the stuff beaded up on the dipstick and was hard to wipe off. I'm sure when it was cold (and it was the winter at the time) that stuff was like wax. Anyways, came back with the engine knocking. Took it up the street to the Ford dealer and they refused to warranty it because he used the wrong oil. This was a bit extreme but I think you get what I'm getting at.