On 3 Performance Turbo Kits


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Jun 10, 2008
New Bedford, MA
So i sometimes check out Ebay turbo kits in hopes of one day finding a Turbo kit that fits a price range thats not more than the book value of my 95 Mustang.

Well i came across the On 3 Performance kits.

Turbo Kits for Ford Mustangs

The kits actually look decent for the price.

Then i went on YouTube and theres a ton of Dyno and install videos if you search "on3 performance turbo mustang"

I mean really i understand that a Turbo can cost some money. But i never believed the piping should cost that much money.

I'm tempted to see what one of these kits will do on my 383.

Before anyone "Flames" me for checking out cheap Turbo kits... Check out the site and then check out the You Tube Videos.

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Oct 3, 2003
Bethesda, MD
hmmmm, that actually does look pretty decent, and i like the price. kinda makes me wonder if i should have gone with a lower compression and fewer cubes.

i also never thought the piping should be so expensive
They are VERY popular over on the "other board" (C-O-R-A-L), they have a huge discussion thread in the turbo section, where the owner of on 3 chimes in almost daily. Ive only heard good about them, ive got my name on a 94-95 kit when it is released.
Ive read that the fox kit fits pretty good if your running a fox style throttle body, with very minimal issues. So im thinkin that the 351 kit would be your best bet, and switch to a fox style TB (if your not already) or modify the charge tube to fit the SN TB, which im thinkin would be a hell of alot easier than dicking with exhaust manifolds. But thats just my $.02


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Jun 10, 2008
New Bedford, MA
Yeah im already running fox style stuff. I was just a bit concerned how the intercooler piping and down piping would fit. Since all i have in there is motor and im using fox brackets theres a ton of room on the sides of the motor. Enough to run the down pipe over the stock K member.
Yeah im already running fox style stuff. I was just a bit concerned how the intercooler piping and down piping would fit. Since all i have in there is motor and im using fox brackets theres a ton of room on the sides of the motor. Enough to run the down pipe over the stock K member.

They have a 2v kit for 96-98 cars, so im sure Chad at On3 would be more than willing to package a cold side from a 2v kit with a fox 351 hotside, from what ive seen on the other forum, he has wicked customer service, and goes that extra mile to make guys happy, call him up!:nice:

BTW, i am not biased at all, i dont own his kit, nor do i have any expierence with turbo mustangs, this is all just from what iv researched


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Dec 5, 2009
guys is this trrue??

i quotted this from someone on another forum..

"turbo is absolute crap and so is the wastegate. Fitment is doable but is not a bolt on kit. They offer upgrades which are pretty much necessary. Make sure you get a mild steel kit, not stainless or it will crack. By the time u get all the upgrades(really necessities) you would have been better off calling a real company like bg turbo or ponydown and gt a good quality kit for close to the same price."

"itll make th same power as the upgrade sure, but i promise u that china turbo wont last. AT THE VERY LEAST upgrade to the masterpower turbo which will last and get a good waste gate, If it gets stuck your motor will see unlimited boost and blow up. If that cheap china turbo they give u breaks it can blow oil down your exhaust, throw metal into the intake and cylinders from the broken shaft and compressor wheel. Its honestly not worth it. To each his own though. I will say u wont hav a problem with little stuff like intake piping or even the intercooler but the rest is really not going to get you very far for long."


Jan 15, 2006
Warren, OH
There is nothing more true in life than : YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR.

That said, for an entry level kit; it's not that bad. I've no idea if the person complaining of mild steel vs. stainless had his headers heatwrapped, but ANYONE used to dealing with turbos knows that it's almost a given that you crack welds and manifolds when you wrap parts. It retains heat, which retains energy that is transferred into the turbo as it expands, but it DOES come at cost. Those looking to be serious know this.

2. Ok, so you bought a cheap turbo. A: The MP t70 upgrade is only $300. B: The worst I have seen from china casting turbos are cracks in the casting of the hotside. IF the blade comes apart it's going to have a rediculously tough time even getting through the intercooler, at which point it's just going to get blown out the exhuast. It's not like you drop a valve. You turn paper thin metal into TINY shrapnel. I've smoked a few turbos in my day on DSMs....ANYTIME....I REPEAT ANYTIME a turbo fails it sees bearing failure and it develops shaft play. The blades hit the housing. There's no getting around it; and you break the oil seals on the shaft allowing oil to get into both the hot and cool sides.

Case in point; you WILL be cleaning out your intercooler just the same with a $3000 turbo and a $50 turbo. Oh no, some oil got into red hot exhaust?!....it's going to be there for all of about 3min. It affects nothing.

Thirdly, the turbos are externally gated. It's a spring tensioned diaphram with a vaccum signal. If it fails, it's hanging open. The point of a wastegate is to allow exhuast to BYPASS the turbo and regulate boost. They fail very similar to a deadmans switch unless somehow it gets stuck closed. In which case, you SHOULD be monitoring your a/f ratio and if it's a serious enough car; it should have a knock sensor and an alarm. Running these mammoth turbos on 7psi is barely working the turbo. Running at 16psi is barely breaking into an efficeint part of a compressor map. These are huge desiel style turbos generally making 30-50psi. Not only is a large turbo not going to magically skyrocket to 50psi during failure, it's going to sound like you started a 747 in your engine bay trying to do it. IE: you know something is going to be wrong.

Aside from that, good quality parts should not be skipped over no matter who makes your kit. A wastegate is always the same $. If you don't like yours, upgrade it later. But it's going to take ALOT of heat cycles to even start to see an issue.

My $.02.

I just feel alot of people cry over lack of education more than anything


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Jan 8, 2004
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Holy smokes. The kit is like $2050. Say you do some upgrades, and now its at $2800. Thats $200 more dollars for 100 MORE horse power then a TFS top end kit. And the turbo kit is easier to install and requires less tools!



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Jun 10, 2008
New Bedford, MA
Upgrades are always required. Who says "heres a supercharger/ turbo....BUT wait theres more!!! Were gonna throw in a $2000 Aeromotive fuel system and the top end parts to compliment your turbo? 500hp is 500hp and you'll need fuel system upgrades wether you buy a kenne bell, paxton etc.

If you're considering boost you always need complimenting parts......But then again you need complimenting parts for a Camshaft!!! Who buys a top end kit and doesn't buy injectors? the right throttle body? the right MAF??? SERIOUSLY

For me all i really need is the hard parts....I have the "Extras". Because i knew this was where i was going in my build.


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Jul 3, 2009
lemme know how the kit works out for you! i will be ordering it in a few months

going to try to pick up a set of GT40x's also to throw on with the build...


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Mar 15, 2002
st.louis mo 314
You can also just pick up the hot/cold sides and get a turbo somewhere else right? I have about enough set aside if I went with just the tubing...but I want to spend it on a astro/g-force gearset.....man its tempting though. Ditch the 150/175 shot and run some boost.

I think if I had under 10:1 I would have already purchased and have a n2o kit for sale.

I may just pick up for something down the road...or something.


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Dec 11, 2009
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this is one of those things Id really like to see in person before buying, it does look real good in the pics though. I wonder if a holset turbo matchs that flange, I recently saw a supra putting up huge #s with a holset unit (hx40 desiel turbo, upgrade for the dodge cummins motor)