Only 2 shocks, and 1 is blown?


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Jan 26, 2007
MY 89 Notchback only has 2 rear shocks the other 2 are not their? My friend brought over his fixed 89 GT (had some motor work done) and I got to drive it. I looked at his and he has 4 rear shocks...Whats the deal and I'm almost positive my pass. side shock is blown.

But on another note what is done to my car!!! Its feels so fast, it won't hook in 1st or even 2nd gear from any just hit it and it go's think it won't hook cause it only has 2 shocks in the back one of which is blown?
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The vertical shocks are requisite. The horizonatal ones are for traction, and are often removed after LCA changes or for big wheels. You can buy new ones of each for not much cash.

Good luck.
Ok so because I don't have the ones that lay flat and 225 stock tires would explain why the car can't hook? What do you mean by "often removed after LCA changes" Sorry if this seems like a stupid question...:nonono:
So should I only buy 2 new shocks and put the rest torwards uppers/lowers?
Because I don't have the the other 2 shocks and the stock arms is that why my car can't hook?
I have battel boxes on my car and they are not weilded in, should I get that done along with 2 new shocks, and the control arms?
It's your call - the other guys can tell you better than I about the non-hooking issue (I've never run without *quad shocks).

*FWIW, the horizontal shocks (that you seem to be missing) are called quad shocks (the proper name is axle dampers, IIRC). People have said new ones are like 40-60 bucks a pair.

It sounds like control arms might be something you desire if you're reinforcing the torque boxes anyhow. The other guys might have an idea of why someone seemlessly removed the quads for nothing on your car.

Good luck.
The owner before me had some larger tires on the car and it was bottel fed. that would explain the blown shock on the pass. side because thats where more load is transfered as far as I know...:shrug:

thank you for the helpfull info though, I'm still learning.
Anyway I want to order 2 new shocks from rock auto, but i dunno the part # because there are too many to list. Any ideas of some decent shocks for the rear for a decent price besides rock auto?

I love this site!!! I have learned more from your guyes help than i thought i ever would in the past few days. I can't wate untill next month when the next waive of parts can go on order. I want to make my car run like new than the goo fast goodies come in the summer!

Next week I'm getting; a new fuel filter, cap/rotor, plugs, wires, oil change, tranny fluid change, battery or alt. one is bad? and i think thats it.

week 3 I'm getting; rear shocks, uppers/lower control arms.

week 4 im getting; an electric fan, pullies, smaller belt and a/c delete.

I still have like 2 months till nice warm weather and in that time i want more, full exhaust, 4:10 gears, taking some weight out of my 3K lbs notch!! It never seems to end but I want to make my good running car run like it was new.