Opinions??? (springs)


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Feb 12, 2006
South Jersey
Ok, I have a little gift certificate money left, and have been thinking about possibly using it on Springs. Before I ask the question... I have searched and read up on it, but am looking for some thoughts on my car specifically... so that's why I'm asking. I know I want the Ford C springs, what I want to know is if you guys think I can get away with doing the springs only (not shocks/struts, cc plates) at this time.
The car is a 2000, but just hit 40,000 miles...
Opinions on this???
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well, i have the c-springs and tokico struts, but considering the drop on these springs are just over an inch in front and about just at or under in the back it's putting minimal added stress on shocks. And for a newish car this shouldn't be a problem, aftermarket struts add a lot of extra stiffness in corners but also add a supreme amount of bumpyness around town. I would still have the car aligned after your done.
you don't need to get more parts unless the drop is significant. less or equal to 1 inch is no problem. you will need an alignment after because you are taking apart the front suspension and are changing the dynamics slightly. (and alignments are cheap considering the price of tires). For a newer car there shouldn't be loose/damaged parts yet so you should only need the alignment, nothing else. But get it checked out, a great quality ford tie-rod might be giving out....

I am doing this in the spring as well (only springs)... those orange powder coated ones from american muscle (sprangz??)
Thanks! I was planning on an alignment, but just wanted to get some opinions on whether to get the springs now, or wait til I have money for the other parts (in which case I always end up buying something other than springs, haha). I got the chin spoiler on today, and it looks awesome, but now the stance seems even worse to me than it did before...
You'll be fine. Cs don't drop it a significant amount so you probably won't need the CC plates for an alignment. But it may be hard on your struts and shocks. Just save after you install your springs for replacement parts, :).
I agree with DropTopPony. We just installed KYBs on my friends Stang this weekend after he blew his stock shocks. He installed the Steeda springs about 10,000 miles ago, and the shocks gave out a while ago. It's not too much money for the shocks, and it will be so much easier to do it all at once. He probably spent about an extra 4+ hours in taking everything apart again to just do the shocks later. You shouldn't need the CC plates, since it's not a signifcant drop, but an alignment is a must!
You'll be fine. Cs don't drop it a significant amount so you probably won't need the CC plates for an alignment. But it may be hard on your struts and shocks. Just save after you install your springs for replacement parts, :).

C springs usually don't drop it more than an inch. But putting Ford C springs in my car dropped the front more than 1.5" and the back about 1". I don't know why -- the mechanic couldn't explain it either. It looks great, but I'm gonna have to get CC plates....
why dont i ever hear folks talk about roush springs? i had a set on my old cougar and drove a stage 2 and was pretty pleased with both experiences.

Honestly I never even bothered to look at them, because as soon as I saw a picture of Stangless' car, I decided those were the springs I wanted.

I will probably wait til I can get the shocks, tho it really sucks, because that means waiting til probably late spring/early summer, and I wanted to put the sfc's in at the same time. :(
I got Steeda sports and nothing else. Took it for an alignment and they said it didn't need anything adjusted. Over 2 years now and no complaints and no uneven wear on my tires, besides back ones being bald.:D
I say buy your springs, slap them on and enjoy. When you get more money do shocks/struts or CC plates if you want them. Changing springs isn't that bad and taking it apart to put in shocks and struts would be easier the 2nd time because you've done it before and your new springs are easier to place and remove because they are shorter. And I like working on my car so it's fun.
In the immortal words of some ad exec. "Just do it."
my car is in spec on the alignment with frpp c springs, without CC plates. C springs are nice, but imho they dont drop enough in the back. My car is a 04 and just hit 39k, had the c springs since 33~ and speed bumps are a nightmare, really jars your ass. I probably need new shocks already.
Yeah you do Duke309, my friend's shocks were completely blown after 7k miles on them. We could compress the shock in our hands with ease. Get new shocks, you'll really like the difference!! Also, in response to the earlier post by 03GTinFLA, what would be the point of doing springs now, and shocks later?? It makes sense to do them all at once, get an alignment and call it good. Just think, you'll never have to worry about it again!:nice: