Our new 67 fastback mustang


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Jun 14, 2007
What a journey it's been. My wife has been wanting a 67 fastback mustang for a while. I've been searching for about a year or so. I ended up finding this one in Laval Quebec Canada.

We finally received it about a week ago and we purchased it back in June.

It's got a 289 and a C4. It's pretty clean, looks like I have a couple minor leaks I'll be fixing. Power steering line and the rear pinion nut area is leaking.

I'm new to classic mustangs, but pretty excited about it.


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So you post this here? Why not in the classic forums? There is no minimum age, it doesn't have an effect on your membership and you could even get a couple likes (tough crowd over there) with that ride. :nice: it is pretty damn nice.
sorry, nota good communicator. Folks usually shout out ideas at new owners. These are ideas for mods, imrovements, encouragments and often - just badgering. Take your pick on my own. It is not "suposed to B anything" but what it is. However many live a vast vision and work on that for decades. As an ol man I am on my last...cycling thru 50/60s Itilians in the 70s/80s, onto dwn szed '60s merican in the 80/90s and now my 4th early bronco (60/70s) will B a '80s retro (done how the early moders did them) my last. Have fun, B safe AND productive!
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