over heating help


Jul 19, 2019
new here 95 mustang gt 5.0 .the ole push rod is acting real funny car over heats very fast the gauge says so anyways the coolant is boiling out of rad. just bhad head gaskets replaced on both sides for this very reason and its still doing the same thing new rad new hoes new water pump new thermostat new temp sensor wtf is going on. same exact problems as when i tore it down to do head gaskets no i did not install backwards im no dummy but what am i missing???????????? this whats stopping the beast to going to the track jeeeez!!!!!!!!!!

thanks in advance
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Jun 30, 2019
Maybe it didn't need h gaskets and I mean that with all due respect. But I'd look at possibly cooling fan either impeded flow or possibly the relay not turning the fan on high (if it has that option -- i'e maybe stuck in low output mode), also was the car bled of air properly? 5.0 and Cobra's need a certain coolant air bleed done to work efficiently and correct.


Jul 19, 2019
it takes prob 2 mins to get hot then starts steaming and boiling this is with the cap off should i put the cap on is this why? and no my fan doesnt work but it gets hot so damn fast anyways ive wired the fan to batt and had it cooling engine it was border line almost to red line on gauge so it helped but thats way to hot. whats the proper way to bleed it? i bleed like any other any tips would be great. wheni took off heads cylinders were full of coolant not all of them but a few so had to need head gasket idk man
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