Oxygen Sensor Extension


Apr 10, 2005
I just got my set of MAC LT's put on the 95, but I still can't drive it around because I didn't realize the wires would be out of reach. Does anyone know where I can purchase extension cables? I've been looking around but can't seem to find any 94-95 parts. I also heard of people using 12 gauge wire, soldering the two pieces together and using heat shrink wrap, has anyone done that? I want to get her on the road asap, I'm having a hard time getting around, thanks!
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Try Brothers Performance. And yes, you can extend it yourself. I did and have been using them since 2000. I have the extenders waiting for when the O2s need replacing. If you choose to do it yourself, I would advise to measure how much length you need on each side, then pre-cut the new wire, use 2 or 4 colors. Extend one wire at a time so as not to cross any. Make sure that you use a good wire shield to protect them as well, you may have to install the shield before you make the final crimps. Good luck. :flag: