P0341, P1131, Coolant Loss


New Member
Nov 27, 2013
96 V6 Mustang, Auto, 180xxx miles, stock. Code from autozone is 0341 (cam sensor) and 1131 (lack of bank 1 O2 transitions-lean). I already replaced entire cam sensor and shaft/gear about 6 months ago when 0341 first started popping up. Now I'm going through coolant on a consistent rate and has occasional miss under load. No smoke, no leak anywhere in engine bay. Oil isnt a milkshake. Coolant stays a rusty brown color (might just need flushing). My question is does this sound like a head gasket leaking down on one of the cylinders? Could that also cause the 0341 code or is that something else that I havent found. Thank you!
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