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Feb 27, 2012
This has already been a very expensive winter with a new engine build under way and all the interior work.
Right now I'm about to install the MM 6 point cage, new struts and CC plates are in, reinforced torque boxes etc.. My question is about the MM Pan Hard Bar. This isn't a track car or road race but I do some spirited street carving while I'm doing all this work would the car greatly benefit from the pan hard or would no sway bars do just as well? I want the car to be as tight as possible and perform well in straight line and corners. Per MMs website I can retain my tail pipes with the ps hard just wondering if its worth another 400 bucks
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Believe it or not, I got my rear end to stop squatting in the corners by using air bags. Easy to air them up and down when I want the ride to be less aggressive. Also got the car to launch straight at the track. Not bad for $50.

I'm a huge phb fan, once you drive a car with one, you'll want one until you have it.
Makes the car much more predictable.

As for keeping the exhaust, well that depends on your exhaust system. 80% don't fit.