people with underdrive pulleys

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i just installed some on my car and i could notice a little difference. but i have a big stereo in my car and now when sitting at a light with the car in gear and the stereo turned up it discharges even though i only changed crank and water pump pullies.
i got the march pullies and for some strange reason could never get the alternator pully to fit...(shaft too long, or pully too thick) so with the cai, pullies, and new wires and cap and rotor on at the same time, ive got to say i dont think i felt a difference, but evey test done has proven me wrong... so get 'em, they look good too
noticed a difference, but not sure if it's the pulleys or the ported intake manifold...either way, ever since that day, my car turns over a lot slower and i have no idea still sparks up...but just turns over slowly
Like others have said I feel it rev up a little faster. Also if sitting at a long light at night and I have the radio on I can see the lights dim a little. As for the charging, I think it does get affected slightly. My car is not a daily driver so sometimes when I go out to start it up it takes a little bit longer not that much, but enought to tell there is a difference. But overall Im happy with them.
I felt a little extra pep but the alt. turned so slow the battery wouldnt charge.When sitting at a light sometimes the car would stall and wouldnt start because the batt. was dead.I had to take them off and put the stockers back on.
Felt like it pulled just a little bit better in 2nd gear. Kinda hard to really feel a 10hp increase. The car will run a tad warmer. I noticed w/even a stock stereo that charging seemed to be a little issue but nothing to major. Just dont sit for long periods of time at idle w/your radio booming.