Pinging...or not?


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May 16, 2002
Well I thought I've been having a pinging issue for a while now...I just bought a custom chip for my car with 4 settings, base setting for the MAF, 5% leaner, 5% richer, and 15% richer. I've tried every setting and turned the timing down from 14* to 10* but it sounds the same no matter what I do. So now Im not so sure it is actually pinging, but I don't know where to start.

It's always between 2k and 3k RPM's, usually the loudest around 2800-3000. It sounds like a rattle, but almost more like a knocking kinda sound. It varies depending on load, so I might just barely hear it accellerating easy, and it gets louder the more I push on the pedal. This may just be in my head, but I think it's only coming from the drivers side of the engine...

What should I check first? Re-adjust the rockers? Could it be an exhaust leak?

On a side note, the chip seems to have fixed the popping issues I was having in the upper RPM's, and it's also running a lot cooler now too.
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First suspect, I think, has to be an exhaust leak. Check the headers at the heads. Also check the header to mid pipe, and mid pipe to cat-back (probably not that far back). One way to check at those points is to let the car cool fully (overnight). Then fire up the engine and feel with your hand around for tell tail air puffs (but move quickly before it heats up, and be careful!).

Possibly there is something loose in your CAI up through the throttle body.

Then I would think about the rockers (as you suggest). But getting in there will take some time.

If it's a lean condition, you should definitely hear it more at WOT, and probably more in 2nd, then even more in 3rd as the revs get around 4500 to redline.

I know you prolly thought of all this already. Just trying to get you started, maybe pick a thought or two.