Polished or Chrome?


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Mar 29, 2001
Orange Park, FL
I waas wondering if anyone out there could tell me about the differences and advantages of Chrome and Polished rims? Chrome is always more expensive. I have heard some people who got polished say they wish they got chrome instead. Does chrome look better? I always thought polished looked the same, but then again, I've only seen the chrome rims that came on my car. I'm just wondering if it's worth the extra $100+ to go chrome when I buy my next set of rims.
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Get the chrome, it is less upkeep, and also has a better shine. Chrome is a plating (which is heavier), and polished wheels are done by polishing the aluminum until you get a good shine. Best I can explain it.

I once owned a set of polished rims and they looked good after they were polished, but that was the problem, you always had to keep polishing them so they stayed looking nice. as for chrome they require much less care to keep them looking nice and shiney, not the hour or so of polishing the others require. save yourself alot of time and put in the extra cash and get chrome. remember you get what you pay for.
Chrome rims have a deeper look to them but the polished wheels look good to, i have polished and there no big deal to take care of. !
I was debating the same thing and I have decided to get my wheels polished and put some zoop seal on them. I have heard nothing but good things about zoop seal and after you seal the wheels everyone says is like taking care of a chrome rim. They say that the sealant will last up to 3 years.