powerdyne super charger KIT needed


Feb 3, 2008
I bought a used powerdyne bd-11a and i need everything else to intall it and i cannot find it to save my life.... The SC doesnt even have a pulley on it, and i want the 9lb one... Clamps, hoses, FMU, and all the such are needed, does anyone know where I can get JUST the kit???? plus, do i need to get bigger injectors? I currently have 24lbers
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SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
This is not the answer you are looking for, but for what this is going to cost you, it probably is not worth it.
You'd be better off selling the head unit to someone that has blown theirs up, which seems to be common with most powerdyne units.
They are also extremely hard to get fixed when they do go.
People send them out, and wait, only to find they are unreapairable.
Save you money and get a vortech SC kit for like $1800


New Member
May 2, 2005
Northern Mn
My brother runs a powerdyne on his otherwise stock 87 GT. He has had his fair share of problems with both both the blower and the jackasses at their customer service dept. Once he got it figured out(4 internal belts later)it makes good power.12.95 at 108. I would suggest running a diferent blower if you can. But if you find all the right parts,you will also need to install a blow-off valve if it a 5-speed car. The blower works good now,but I would never send anymore buisiness their way.Good luck.
A blow off valve just releases the pressurized air to the atmosphere when the throttle plate closes. The bypass valve releases the pressurized air to the supercharger suction tube. The bypass valve doesn't lose the air that the MAF counted for. It's really no big deal between them. They accomplish the same task,