prochargeians with strut tower braces! help!


Aug 27, 2006
I got a ford racing strut tower brace at the english town swap meet today, came home, and it wont even close to come to fitting over the air filter on the procharger setup. What kind does everyone have in that fit(comfortably)?? im not trying to chush the fuel line...thanks guys.
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Running the BMR brace on mine, it won't be comfortable over the air filter, you'll have to make slight adjustments to rotate the filter and inlet tube down close to the cam cover. I'll post a current pic of the engine bay where I have relocated my air filter entirely, and I'll go dig up an old one with the filter where you have yours currently and the brace on, just gotta find it:

Yeah your filter is way lammed down there, i could do that but it would crush the fuel line. In that first picture where exactly do you have the filter routed to?? maybe ill take this path