Project 81 HACK JOB...gets a back seat!!!


waiting for the next hack atta
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Nov 22, 2001
Motor City
I am estatic! I got the 81 back of the back seat recovered by my local trim shop. It was tan vinal and soaked in rat pee. They totally dismantled it, reconditioned the foam, put a new backing on it and recovered it in 2001 Midnight black vinal. I told him to leave out one stitch line, because it doesn't match the 2001 lower. You can see a slight dip in the middle...but I am not concerned about that. I am happy. It is their highest quality vinal.

Below it is the 2001 bottom of the back seat in Midnight Black leather.

You cannot even tell the difference...Check it out!!!!!!!!!!




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He did everything for 205 bucks. Picked it up from me, stripped it, deorodrized the foam, recovered it and delivered it back to me. I wouldn't think twice about recovering anything in the vinal he used on it. You literally cannot tell the difference.

The seat won't be in the car til it's done. The interior is the last thing I am putting together.

Fiveoh....Yeah it looks looks like that now, but the other seat has been sitting in the shop since July. I need to wash it and condition both of them and they will match. I don't want to break out any type of clearner yet before I paint....

:uzi: Fisheyes in paint.....

Would NOT be good!
Oh by the way, the bottom of that seat is not leather, Ford hasen't used leather on a rear seat since the SN95 cars. So the fact you did it in black (dark charcol) vinyl doesn't take away anything, it matches 100%.

Great price too!
25th and 5L5. Good call. I was thinking about that.

Reason...because my 97 F150 has leather up front that is in pretty good shape for 105K....well the rear seat is vinal and still looks brand new.... I mean showroom. You can see the difference in the way it looks. I just took a second look at the 2 rears and compared them to the front.....the rears have the wrinkled look, and the fronts are smoother......Well, cool...I saved money, and I matched it correctly...I win.....

Thanks guys!
Yes if you know about leather you can tell the difference right away. With my cars I know every spot that is leather vs vinyl, and I think that goes a long way in making sure you pay extra attention to the spots that will wear the most. The SN95 and fox's got leather seat faces for the rear, but they changed that around in the new edge cars. To be honest a lot of new cars feature imitation leather seats and it annoys me. $30K for a new car and it basically has vinyl seats, like you would get in a work van, junk.

The rear seat isn't a big deal I guess, and the fact that you matched it right is perfect, to me it is just companys cheaping out on cars.

By the way last I knew the 03-04 or maybe just 04 Cobras had leather seats, but 100% leather (minus the seude area), including the sides, and backs of the seat. Thats classy :D.
looking matter what material,if it looks good,it looks good.plain and my 03 cobra seats ARE real leather or not? how bout 96 cobras,bc thats what im putting in my 88lx
That's a great price. I figured it might have just been dusty from kicking around the shop. Absolutely wonderful work though, I wish I had an upholstery shop of that caliber locally. GL with your paint!
Good point again 25th. I noticed the backs of the seats have the rough look..that is a sign of vinal. It's sad that the vinal holds up longer and better than the leather. My 54K 96 Cobra seats are hard as hell on the back/top section by the headrests....
I remember those days, and the day I sold a kid my back seat. He decided to sit on it at our event and I warned him not to until he washed it. He didn't know what I meant, and I explained he will understand when he is 16-17 and has nowhere else to go :D.