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May 15, 2018
So at my buddy’s shop we alway have some spare parts sitting around - namely a lot of misc 302 parts. A good friend of mine - one of the owners; picked up a lot of ford engines, parts, and transmissions at a storage unit auction. It had several c6 transmissions, a few short blocks, intake, and a complete engine.

We’ve gone through a good bit of the parts. One of the blocks, heads and c6’s found its way into a yj wrangler and we sold some other misc things. We actually converted the 302 in the yj to run off a Chevy tbi system lol.

A few months ago the other shop owner, and head mechanic, bought a c10. Besides the paint needing work it’s a really straight southern truck. Only problem is the 6 banger in it is on the last leg.

So I’ve got some decent 302 parts, as well as a good (hopefully) c6 trans and a Chevy that needs a power plant. I’m guessing you can see where this is going.

Here’s the truck:


I really didn’t know what shape/year the 302 would be in or even if it was a roller block. I was hoping it was at least a roller, which it was. I pulled the heads off and it looked to be in great shape. In fact, it almost looks like someone started rebuilding it and never started it. Unless the factory pistons usually stay this clean lol.



Making progress. A Vic Jr on a truck!


All done. Like the spark plug wires? That’s more stuff the owner won at an auction. Got like 100 boxes of misc wires for like $50. We made use of a few boxes of 4 cylinder plug wires lol. Looks like Medusa.


So the build sheet:

I believe it’s a mustang 302 block. I haven’t pulled the casting code nor really cared to. It’s a roller block with forged pistons so that’s good enough for me.
Pistons are stock, we didn’t even clean up the bore. Cross hatching looked good and there was minimal wear so we rolled them bones
Trickflow stage 1 cam (used)
Gt40p headers with upgraded trickflow springs good for .550 lift (used)
Ford racing Gt40p headers (used)
Vic Jr intake (used)
Ford racing 50oz balancer (used, was won in the storage unit auction)
Used 50oz flexplate.
eBay assault racing hei distributor (new)
Fel pro gasket set (new)

Will be running a c6 trans, currently looking for a used torque converter. If anyone has one they’d be willing to part with let me know.

As you can see we build this with parts we pretty much had lying around. Cheap and used are the themes for this. I fired the engine up on the stand today and it sounded great through those open headers. Those eBay distributors actually work great lol. Motor made 50lb of oil pressure at a cold idle. Should live for awhile.

When we get some more cars out of the shop we’ll get the c10 in there and start mocking everything up. The long term goal will be a low-buck turbo build. For now, we just want to get the shop truck on the road!
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