Project StangIt - 91 Mustang LX


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Apr 23, 2004
I bought a 91 LX and saved it from leftover drag racer crusher hell. I think I got a great deal! The car has 4.10's in the 8.8, aftermarket control arms, drag shocks, re-enforced welds, 4pt roll bar, tubular sub-frame connectors, drive shaft loop, red urthane everywhere and a really straight body.

Here are some begining pics, I hope to have more as I progress:

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

The Begining

My first step is to clean and smooth under the hood, nothing major like a show car. Wish me luck...
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Sheet metal from JC Whitney

Undercoated bare metal

Starting the Spot Weld

Had to stop here, my welder stopped feeding the wire and I was too tired to figure it out.
Had help today... Didn't get much done but had a great time with the help!


Got the panel welded in, grinded down, fillered up and smoothed out... Sounds like something at waffle house =)

Took a lot longer than I thought it would, I had to go get a new grinder.

nice start so far!! are you going to wire tuck as well?

Thank you!

Yes, I am hiding all the wires and maybe the brake line? It is a carb car so don't know what I am going to do with that big hole for the FI harness, didn't really want to weld it up in case I ever sell the car and someone wants to go FI. Also got a manual brake kit from UPR. Not too sure about my MSD HVC box and coil, probably put it back on the drivers fender, i like the look of it.
Nice dude, looks really good.


that was fast!! great progress and project

Yea, it looks that way =) I posted it all at once, I have it over at the Corral also. I normally stay over there but following trbofox reminded me of how very cool this place it. I love both but this one has far more inspiration project threads and a really cool sticky for organizing them, I can't get enough TBO.
Got Paint!

Got the paint on, I hope it flattens out more, everyone has been asking questions on the Paint Shop paints from Dupli-Color so I wanted to try it out. I already have the Hot-Rod Flat for the car but just wanted to see this stuff in action.