Progress Thread Project v6 What?!?!?!: 95 Saleen v6 Sport


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Jun 7, 2012
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So Astrid is the 97 S281, I like Mighty Mouse. I will put that up on the board.

Another one of my cars is "1 Slo Six" or "One Slow Six" but when it was being built it was project "Bandai" after the Tonka Transformer Mustang Car from the 80s....

I give them internal project codes/names because I have an inventory system that I put all the parts and money spent on them. Everything from oil changes, plugs, filters goes into that system. This way I know what all is in that car.

I have people already freaking out on me because I'm going to put either a Holley Dominator or MS3Pro Ultimate in this car.
Huh? Freaking out about that? Like cause of originality or something?
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Apr 22, 2009
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That shifter knob gives me real Mach 5 vibes lol
Its a must have
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