Project White Balls..... FR500's


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Apr 12, 2004
Lima OH
Well i have been a busy little bee the past few weeks/months....

here is a picture of the car from when i bought it.....


here are some from is really dirty and needs washed/waxed, but you get the idea....










What do you all think?
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badingle said:
those are some hella John Deeres you got!

damn it somebody beat me to it lol nice tractors get that ****ty looking car out of the way. :nonono:

LOL car looks awsome and i agree with everyone else them rims look sick on that thing :drool:

KINDA OT: what size lowering springs you got on there and how did you go about jacking it up on the jackstands and where did you sit them? I have such a hard hard time lifting my car I never wanna do any work that requires jacking up the car
It's nice to see someone else who comes from the farm, I thought I might be the only one. Anyways, those FR 500's are probably my favorite rim that you can buy right now, I've wanted some for a couple of years now, just no funds. Oh well, I can just stare at yours and be jealous. :drool: Nice!
Hey guys, thanks for the compliments!!
yes i grew up on the farm, my dad and mom do all the farming, but that means a huge shop for me to work in, with any tool you could possibly imagine! :D

Yes the rims are anthracite and the rears are 18x10's
the tires are 265/35/18 up front and 295/35/18 out back :nice:

the springs on the car are eibach sportline springs, i have a write up on how to do it, but i need to find it back, i'll post it later today

thanks again for the compliments!!!!
look at got my front and rear tires off of there, brand new for $440 shipped.... fronts are 265/35/18 and rears are 295/35/18's

i acutally bought 4 rear tires at the same time bacuse i got them for $115 each